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A new step in improving the 1&1 Mobile Experience

Knowledge is power..

Knowledge is power..

Smartphones are not just simple gadgets; they are creating a strong emotional relation with their users. They are close at hand; they are the shortest way to reach people who matter; they keep our most important memories, and they help us do our job better. As a marketer, I strongly believe that mobile applications are the type of applications that can create the highest engagement with the users. In the same time, the challenging part is how to fulfill the higher and higher expectations of the users.

The beginning

The end of this spring kept us busy. We had many ideas about how we could help our customers have a better experience on their Smartphones, and we looked for awesome people, who would make our idea happen. At the end of June we had already all the heroes of our story: Development for iOS and Android, QA, User Experience and Copywriting – or more exactly, a strong team, able to organize, innovate and adapt in a highly agile environment… all of that in our fast growing office in Bucharest.

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