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How to directly change this world we are living in..

This is a guest post written by Stefan P.

It all happened on an April’s Tuesday. Calea Floreasca, the 9th floor in a building.

Three organizations interplaying. With its 20 members 1and1 was best represented, while the other two organizations – Viitor Plus (Future Plus) and Şcoala de Valori (The School of Values) had only one member each: Gabriela and Stefan. Viitor Plus declared their values are “the desire to succeed”, “the agility”, “sustainability”, “fairness”, “openness” and “responsibility”, and brought them alive during the meeting.

It was a special meeting, some kind of workshop 🙂 about the desire to ideally contribute or directly change this world we are living in. The audience attended the meeting out of different reasons, some want to offer back

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