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Who’s Afraid of… Public Speaking?

Holding a presentation seems to be a very simple thing. Until you find yourself in the situation to actually hold one. Suddently a lot of questions come to your mind. How to structure your material so that it can be easily understood? How to handle the first minutes, if your mouth is dry due to the stage fright? What to do if the public is hostile, or bored, or tired…?

These questions (and many more) constantly accompanied me in every occasion when I had to present something in front of a group. No matter the group componence (teachers, colleagues, or friends), or the topic approached, I had never found suitable answers to them.

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A workshop like a day off with your friends

When I found out about the workshop, I didn’t know what to expect. I only assumed that a 6 hours talk about our career path would be a little boring.I didn’t know that a workshop is much more than a simple presentation. (Luiza, trainee at 1&1)

As a member of the Technical Editors team, I have significant experience in working with students. And as a regular attendee at the Presentation Skills Club, I was eager to put into practice all the tips and tricks I’ve learned from Dan, our trainer. When the HR team invited me to give a presentation to the 1&1 trainees, I decided right away to hold a career planning workshop. Why career planning? Well, because information on such a field is not quite at hand, but it can open many doors towards the successful career one has dreamt of.

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