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Java User Group edition #9 at 1&1 Internet Development

JUG edition 9

JUG edition #9 @ 1&1 Internet

This is a guest post written by Eugen Stan, BJUG member.

BJUG #10 is closing in fast. In less than two weeks we meet again, and get another chance to find out new stuff about new and exciting technologies, but more important about each other. That is the reason why we, Andrei and Mihai, started JUG Bucharest almost one year ago and that is the reason why I constantly remind people to share ideas and get to know each other better.

I’m a strong believer that people drive things forward, and that technologies, frameworks and programming languages are just tools.

JUG 10 looks popular, but it still has some catching up to do before it reaches the same popularity as JUG #9, which managed to fill the 100 places conference room from the 10th floor at 1&1 Internet Development.

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[Announcing]: Bucharest Java User Group Edition #9

Bucharest Java User Group Edition #9

Dear all,

We have some very exciting news!

Next week, in our offices, you’re invited to join Bucharest Java User Group in a totally free 2 hours face to face meeting for passionate developers.

Bucharest JUG Edition #9

DATE: Thursday, February, 21st

TIME: 7-9pm @ 1&1 Internet Development, 10th floor, Entrance A

Click here to register

Remember, all you need to do is click here and register to save your seat for Bucharest Java User Group Edition #9!

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How to build a scalable frontend framework (Part 1 of 2)

RAIN (Rapid Application INtegration) is a highly scalable frontend platform that orchestrates distributed rendering of loosely coupled components. It uses standard web technologies (JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3) on the client-side and NodeJS on the server-side. RAIN works on modern browsers and next generation devices (tablets, smart phones). It enables developers to focus on their core competence by providing simple feature reusage and tooling. The project is open-source and you can find it here.

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Getting started with qooxdoo

qooxdooqooxdoo is a JavaScript framework for creating desktop-style web applications, often called Rich Internet Applications (RIAs). It was born in January 2005, one month before the term AJAX was even coined.  It’s open source and there is a team of full-time core developers employed by 1&1, as well as many contributors that moves it forward.

qooxdoo is entirely class-based and tries to leverage the features of object-oriented JavaScript. It is fully based on namespaces and does not extend native JavaScript types to allow for easy integration with other libraries and existing user code. All modern browsers are supported.

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Continuous Integration for Javascript

I have to admit that I’m not very fond (read lazy) of writing tests and, until now, I haven’t worked in a project that was fully tested. But I decided that has to change and, in an attempt to cut some of the excuses, I’ve started searching for a solution to implement CI for our Javascript environment (anyone unfamiliar with CI can read more here and here).

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