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Java User Group edition #9 at 1&1 Internet Development

JUG edition 9

JUG edition #9 @ 1&1 Internet

This is a guest post written by Eugen Stan, BJUG member.

BJUG #10 is closing in fast. In less than two weeks we meet again, and get another chance to find out new stuff about new and exciting technologies, but more important about each other. That is the reason why we, Andrei and Mihai, started JUG Bucharest almost one year ago and that is the reason why I constantly remind people to share ideas and get to know each other better.

I’m a strong believer that people drive things forward, and that technologies, frameworks and programming languages are just tools.

JUG 10 looks popular, but it still has some catching up to do before it reaches the same popularity as JUG #9, which managed to fill the 100 places conference room from the 10th floor at 1&1 Internet Development.

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[Announcing]: Bucharest Java User Group Edition #9

Bucharest Java User Group Edition #9

Dear all,

We have some very exciting news!

Next week, in our offices, you’re invited to join Bucharest Java User Group in a totally free 2 hours face to face meeting for passionate developers.

Bucharest JUG Edition #9

DATE: Thursday, February, 21st

TIME: 7-9pm @ 1&1 Internet Development, 10th floor, Entrance A

Click here to register

Remember, all you need to do is click here and register to save your seat for Bucharest Java User Group Edition #9!

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Cross country – on the 4th of November

1&1 and its partner in environmental activities (Viitor Plus) invited us to run at ChCrosul Paduriiildren’s Forest for a special cause (plant one tree for every new born).

Some of our colleagues accepted the challenge, and on Sunday morning they were ready to start running. We’ve had participants at the 3 km race, but most of them signed up for the 10 km race.

The atmosphere was great and the weather was on our side. My colleague Magda captured the entire event in a few beautiful words: “I did not think so many people would come on a Sunday morning to run and enjoy nature. It is like an oasis of normality …”.

Vlad was pleasantly surprised by the organization team, by the large number of participants, and the location event gave him the opportunity to explore the Tineretului Lake.

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Meet us at “Angajatori de Top” Fair!

We are ready for Booth Duty! Are you ready to meet 1&1 team @ Angajatori DeTop Career Fair? See you there.1&1 Internet Romania will be present with a wide offer of opportunities for IT specialists, both beginners and experts at “Angajatori de TOP” fair, this week, October, 26-27th, in Bucharest. We are searching for colleagues for the following positions to be part of our Bucharest-based teams: Project Manager, Java Developer, PHP Developer, Javascript Developer, Quality Assurance Developer, Quality Assurance Engineer, ETL Developer, Product Manager, C++ Developer, IT Operations Engineer, Release Manager.
We also have openings for the Internships and programs within 1&1 Internet Romania.

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A Team That Grows With Its Projects

Today’s “Server and WebHosting Applications” team started as “Server Platforms Development” some time ago, but I will tell the story since June 2011, when I became part of it. As any successful entity, the team had to change over time, to adapt both in structure and focus. During my time here its spirit seems to have remained a constant, fascinating mixture of very different personalities and skills, somehow like the American “melting pot” theory.

When I first arrived in 1&1 within the server platforms, I found a very diverse group of

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Why I’d choose Apache Wicket as a web application framework- part 4

Framework minus points
To be fair I have to say something about what I think are the current weakness of the framework:
Remember that Wicket has been developed for state-full applications. But there are a number of reasons why you’d want to opt for a stateless application.
Because if your application is stateless it means that requests can be processed by any of the web servers in your cluster, because all the parameters a page needs to reproduce a certain state are provided in the url. In a state-full application you either

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Why I’d choose Apache Wicket as a web application framework- part 3

About Wicket and JS
Even from the beginning Wicket had Ajax capabilities built-in that could be called from Java. This is done by simply adding the Java component to an ajax context object, the AjaxRequestTarget. Of course you can invoke any JavaScript code before or after the Ajax call.
Currently Wicket uses its own JS engine for doing AJAX, but it integrates alongside other JS frameworks like JQuery nicely(there is a little thing to consider mentioned later though). Wicket does not generate any

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Why I’d choose Apache Wicket as a web application framework- part 2

Component based framework with good concepts that appeals to developers
But the best thing for me is that Wicket really feels like a true Object Oriented web framework. All your components, pages, panels are Java objects (with a .html). Every web component extends a base Component class and can in turn be extended. Another way of creating components in Wicket is through composition of other web components inside a Panel. You can pack your components inside a jar file and bring them into another project and ideally a common library of components in your organisation might emerge. A place with generic open source components is the Wicket Stuff project or

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Why I’d choose Apache Wicket as a web application framework

In a short description Apache Wicket is a good state-full component based framework which cultivates a sound architecture that appeals to Java developers. This is just going to be a general summary of the points of why you might want to have a look at the framework.
Let’s begin:
Clean separation of Java code from HTML
One of the best and most talked about Wicket feature is of course the clear separation of HTML from Java code.
No more Java code into HTML (yes that’s you JSP). In Wicket we have pages composed of panels with components and for every page/panel we get two files: a .java file and one .html file which sit next to each other in a java package structure (this could be changed and have separate locations for html and java files) and

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