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Code Name: AgileFest 2012. Twelve determined speakers and a great audience

After the feast of joy, proudly called 1&1 Winterfest, another special moment happily arrived: AgileFest 2012!  The twelve speakers gathered both from Romania and Germany shared within a flash of inspiration their experience, ideas, best practices, and also great moments of fun.

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Leeloo’s Cupcakes in the Magic Fridge

It’s been scientifically proven that programming is a heavy calories burner. Don’t ask for evidence, browse the internet for it.
So, what’s a programmer doing when running out of calories and getting sour of so much programming?
Leeloo’s got the answer on that: cupcakes. Every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, the fridge in the kitchen at the 9th floor turns into a Magic Fridge packed with her delicious cupcakes which customers enjoy … well, they enjoy a lot. Cupcakes are available in exchange of anonymous donation in the value of 2 lei per delight, which you can drop in the Trust Candy Box nearby the Sweets Magic Fridge.
Leeloo’s proud to high sky that her work is so much appreciated by all of us and works hard to keep us sweetened – if we may say so.? Therefore, do never forget to drop your contribution in the Trust Candy Box so Leeloo keeps coming with her cupcakes and we all keep enjoying it.
Leeloo, keep up the good job!

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On programmers and footballers

Who am I? A programmer.
What am I doing? I write code, “not-my-piece-of-****”, never want to see again kind of code, FOR MONEY.
Ergo, I’m a professional!
Somebody gives me money, preferably truckloads of them, and I give them an application which is 5 months late, 5 features missing, and full of bugs.
All this while working in a team. A team of professionals like me …
But you know what?

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