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STAR – Software Talent Academy Romania

STAREvery once in a while, no matter how devoured by the daily dynamics of software development we get, we feel the need to turn to the present, to the communities around us. In the end this is where all those belonging to the big 1&1 Romania team come from, right? And if that is the case, wouldn’t it be ok to scan and scrutinize time and ask ourselves who our future colleagues are; who are those who may come work along our side in a few years?

Together with Scoala de Valori, 1&1 Romania has asked itself this very question. And they joined forces in starting an initiative that would target teenagers with a passion for software development.

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Trans-marathon? But of course!


This is a guest post written by our former colleague, Larry, a developer who enjoys the life’s bits and bytes. Enjoy! 🙂

Even now, when I remember, I start smiling…


This spring I started running a little bit more seriously, that is somehow on a frequent basis.

The first competition I attended was The Bucharest Half-Marathon in May, where I had the pleasure to run together with ex-colleagues from 1&1.

It was a beautiful experience, even though, at that time, in spite of the little training I had, I managed with some difficulties to run the 5.5 km of the relay race.

The same day we decided we should meet again for the marathon race in October, so I started following a training schedule for 10 km.

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What makes a project Behavior Driven?

This article is a guest post written by Alex, an Independent IT QA Consultant, with over 6 years of experience, specialized in infrastructure, telecom, defense and security.

Having been previously exposed to the Test Driven Development (TDD) practices at the beginning of my career in IT QA, the ancestor of current BDD practices, I have had a first-hand experience with the ups and downs arising from a poorly managed requirements development process and learned not to put expectations very high in regards to initial system architecture at a certain scale.What makes a project Behavior Driven

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[Announcement] Two brand new products from Romania

Two brand new products from Romania_ DSSA goes LiveDear readers, the Webhosting team from Romania has two very special events to announce:

  •  The nTLD (new Top Level Domains) Reservation Self Service Application is live from the 1st of July. This is one of our first steps towards conquering the new market of nTLDs. As we speak, we have over 406,900 reservations already made through this channel. We kindly invite you to enjoy our product and drop us a line in case you have some feedback. The application can be reached via:
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What We Are Passionate About

Some of our rare spare time we, Andrea O. and myself – two people who love reading books- spend bookcrossing. We breathe life into books instead of letting theHappy readingm collect dust in a shelf. Bookcrossing is a community of book lovers who release books “into the wild” and then follow their journeys.

People who “catch” a wild book follow the instructions on the label to go to bookcrossing.com to see where the book has been and to make a new journal entry so that other Bookcrossers know it’s in good hands. After they have read it, they release the book again on park benches, in shops, in phone booths… as long as others can find it.

Or we share our books with other members sending them around, so as many members as possible can read them.

Why are we passionate?

It is great fun to see that our books are free and bring joy to people would never have thought to get a book for free.

Look at some great examples:

–    Books in an unconventional location

–    Books read by so many people

–    Books traveling to the end of the world

But there is more to it:

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Summertime is internship time at 1&1!

This is a guest post written by our interns.

Internship at 1&1The internship at 1&1 Internet Development is a great opportunity for students to participate in a first-rate, hands-on experience. We felt the thrill of working in a big international company, being part of a powerful network of developers, managers, and executives.

The duration of the internship is either 3 or 4.5 months. The program is based on a rotation system and gives us the chance to work within several departments, under the guidance of a “buddy”. He supervises our work, provides us with advice and professional mentoring. Each one of us has the possibility to choose whether to stay with the current department or move to the next one for the same period of time. So far, we got halfway through the internship and these are some of our impressions:

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Purpose: support people with physical disabilities by selling bags

Last month brought us a little surprise from our partner in environmental issues, the “Viitor Plus” NGO.  They came and presented us their project named “Atelierul de panza”.

It all started with the idea of ​​counter pollution of plastic bags, and soon appeared canvas bags as environmentally friendly alternative to the plastic bags, besides a little workshop was organized.

“Atelierul de Panza” is an environmental protection project, but it is also a social and professional one; it seeks to integrate, socio-professionally, people with physical disabilities, who face a difficult life and support themselves by selling bags.

Their work had great success among our colleagues. Hope we will see them soon with new ideas.

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Winterfest 2012 – The Aftermath of the Apocalypse

Is anyone still there?

Winterfest @1&1 Hello, survivors of the Apocalypse party!

On behalf of the Process and Delivery Management Romania team, I want to tell you a few words about our experience in organizing the best End of the World seen so far.

After being voted as organizers, it all started with a team brainstorming in order to determine what theme we wanted to use for the party, then, other few meetings began to shape things.

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Cross country – on the 4th of November

1&1 and its partner in environmental activities (Viitor Plus) invited us to run at ChCrosul Paduriiildren’s Forest for a special cause (plant one tree for every new born).

Some of our colleagues accepted the challenge, and on Sunday morning they were ready to start running. We’ve had participants at the 3 km race, but most of them signed up for the 10 km race.

The atmosphere was great and the weather was on our side. My colleague Magda captured the entire event in a few beautiful words: “I did not think so many people would come on a Sunday morning to run and enjoy nature. It is like an oasis of normality …”.

Vlad was pleasantly surprised by the organization team, by the large number of participants, and the location event gave him the opportunity to explore the Tineretului Lake.

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Tips for Efficient Meetings

In this article I’ll present some of the main elements in order to have efficient meetings.

In my career I’ve listened many times to people coming from or going to a meeting, and they were quite upset. The reasons varied, but generally they were all discontent “for having wasted one hour in vain”, or used to say “I shouldn’t have been there”, “what does he want now?”, “another monologue”, “I didn’t know how to get out of there sooner”, and so on…..

I could go on with the examples, but the first idea that gets to my mind is how such situations could be avoided. What would be the golden rules to avoid them?

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