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A Story for the Hacker In You

Dare to Hack!

Have you ever dreamt to be a Hacker?… At least for a few hours?

Did you ever take part in a Hackathon?


I had the chance to be the Host in Bucharest for our internal

1&1 Cloud Server Hackathon

01 welcome to hackathon


Is it for me?

So, what’s in it for me? – You would ask.

And you’re perfectly right.

I would say that a hackathon “is for you” if you love to explore new things, if you like to be the first to walk unbeaten paths, and unearth bugs and other beasts hidden in a brand-new software.

That was the case for us on Thursday night.

Preparations started days before – checking video connection between locations, making sure we have everything needed in such events – laptops, projector, cables, pizza, drinks.


Kick Off: 17:00 CET in all locations

02 kick offIMG_0813

We kicked off on Thursday, June 18th, 17:00 CET simultaneously in 1&1 offices from Bucharest, Logrono, Karlsruhe, Munchen and Gloucester.

From Bucharest we had 15 participants.

We were connected via Video call and Chat with all the other locations and were in contact with the Platform guys and also with Customer Care.

The rules were clear: we were not allowed to make the platform unstable nor attack customer contracts, but nevertheless we could send in code that was able to do so 🙂

After a short introduction by Javier, our colleague from Arsys Logrono – subsidiary of 1&1 in Spain – everybody was given his/her test account and  was free to start playing around the platform.

The Platform

03 Cloud Server API


About the platform I have to say it’s a pretty powerful virtualization API that will soon be launched for all 1&1 Cloud Server customers to play with and contribute.

You can practically do anything you can imagine to manage programmatically your 1&1 Cloud Servers.



The competition

Starting on Thursday night and before Monday 22nd June end-of-day, any participant in the hackathon could enter the competition.

A jury formed by experts of the Cloud Server Platform will check all submissions and award for:

–          the major vulnerabilities found on the platform or API and for

–          the Best Mobile App and the Best Desktop App.

It’s all About the Thrill

04 font too big

So, how is it like to be part of a hackathon?

This is a good question because you actually can’t tell when the time flies by.

It’s something close to a hive swarming – lots of messages coming by the chat wall, small issues or big issues waiting to be solved right away:

Due to the relative small timebox, the people focused Thursday night on finding bugs and testing all the possible scenarios in the API.

60 people filed 33 bugs in 5 hours.

The good thing is that they found only minor vulnerabilities and some improvements for the platform.

Since the deadline for submissions was extended until Monday 22nd end-of-day, the thrill is still on – we wait to see the Winners.

Try it yourself!

If you want to feel the thrill yourself, I invite you to find a hackathon near you – that’s not so difficult – there was one a few weeks ago in Bucharest:


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Key Internet Players met in Bucharest to discuss the future of calendaring



CalConnect (The Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium; held its thirty-third edition conference in Bucharest, Romania, on May 18-22, 2015. The consortium is a partnership among leading technology organizations and universities to promote open standards and the interoperability of calendaring systems to give users more choices when it comes to devices and calendaring applications. A list of its members can be viewed here.

The host of this international event was 1&1 Internet Development, a wholly-owned subsidiary of 1&1 Group, the leading European internet specialist.
The project took place at the 1&1 facilities and featured interoperability testing events, symposia, meetings, and roundtable discussions, the same agenda that already proved its great success, attracting each edition participants from more than 3 continents and the biggest names of the IT industry. This year in Romania, Apple, Google, IBM, 1&1 and many more, have accepted the invitation to meet and discuss the future of calendaring and interoperability.

It was structured as a 3 day interoperability test event, followed by a 2 day conference in order to support the practical hands-on testing/reviewing and the theoretical discussions.
“Hosting such an event for the first time in Romania, was a challenge but when you think of its mission, to offer solutions that allow calendar and scheduling methodologies to interoperate, so that at one point they will enter the mainstream of computing, you see a greater purpose. It’s not just an event, it’s a way to go forward” – said Wolfgang Gunne, General Manager 1&1 Internet Development

Interoperability is a property of a product or system, whose interfaces are completely understood, to work with other products or systems, without any restricted access or implementation. In other words, thanks to these events, the final customers will be able to keep track of the same schedule, disregarding the platform or device they are using. Having a practical example: booking a time frame, from our device, our calendar tool, to any other device (which may be completely different, both software and
hardware), could not be possible without interoperability.

The highlights sessions of this edition included Embedding Calendar Data in Media (QRCODE, Data URI), Changes to the scheduling model, Sending invitations through other means than e-mail, RSCALE: NonGregorian Recurrence Rules in iCalendar and Calendaring Systems in General (solar, luni-solar, etc.) and were available for registration to any organization or software developer that had a clear objective in improving the effectiveness of calendaring and sharing.
Full information about the conference may be found at CalConnect XXXIII website.

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Bug Friday, in Domains Apps – the legend

Once upon a time …

It was a chill Friday morning, mist was setting around and no one was to be seen. Only the steps of heavy armors and blades tingeling were to be heard. But suddenly the noise grew much closer and then heroes hardened in battles walk the path of DSSA Camp passing by.

Lots of work was to be done before the first horn will announce the beginning of the battle. Speakers were set, playlists were made, keyboards were sharpened and when Commodore entered the War Room, everybody was present to see the Battle Plan and Rules of Engagement.

At 10:00 sharp, the first ray of light pierced the dense mist, in a couple of minutes the skies were clean and you could see two mighty armies gathering on each side of the battle field. First, the Bug Army lead by fearsome CX bug general, the second army, DSSA Band of Heroes, lead by Commodore SpaceCowboy.


First horn of the battle announced the first attack, both armies rushed against each other and the battle started. Angular hero managed to take down 2 bugs with just a swing of a keyboard and deadly injured a third one, next to him UX Master crushed another enemy with his mouse knife, and 3 with his magical keyboard staff. On the other side of the battlefield another hero (which will not be named in here for privacy reasons), although injured and staying home, with his mind powers took down another 2 bugs.

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STAR loading…

This is a guest post written by Scoala de Valori

More than a month from its start, the STAR adventure is in full development, and the 30 high school students passionately keep working on the software applications. We are happy to see that the Scoala de Valori and 1&1 project has had such a success with the youngsters and has been so very welcomed by all the participants!

proiect STAR

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STAR – Software Talent Academy Romania

STAREvery once in a while, no matter how devoured by the daily dynamics of software development we get, we feel the need to turn to the present, to the communities around us. In the end this is where all those belonging to the big 1&1 Romania team come from, right? And if that is the case, wouldn’t it be ok to scan and scrutinize time and ask ourselves who our future colleagues are; who are those who may come work along our side in a few years?

Together with Scoala de Valori, 1&1 Romania has asked itself this very question. And they joined forces in starting an initiative that would target teenagers with a passion for software development.

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Winterfest 2013

Access TeamAn old saying states that “Good things come to those who wait”. Well, with all due respect to popular wisdom, this Winterfest edition taught us that better things come to those who ACT!

If I were to flashback to when it all started, the following memories invade my head. Adrian F., head of Access Development Romania Team gathers us in the small, familiar, 406 room for an ad-hoc meeting. Team rounds up, door gets closed, everybody still on their feet and then the news comes: “Guys, this year we will be responsible for organizing the Winterfest party in 1&1. What do you think?”. Judging by facial expression, a mix of curiosity, anxiousness, uncertainty and excitement filled the atmosphere. As with any change that impacts daily routine, people approach it with caution at first. But even though we were not sure how to do this, what exactly will happen and if we’ll pull it through, we figured out this was a nice time to jump-in and start paddling. So everybody committed to this.

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Flying High Above Turbulences In Software Development (Part 2 of 2)

But there’s more to success then just acknowledging a statement. Management evangelists Jim Collins, Morten T. Hansen conducted extensive research on businesses facing chaotic situations and came up with a set of core behaviors that are practiced with perseverance throughout success stories. The behaviors are shown below in the pyramid of core behaviors.

pyramid of core behaviorsLet’s take a look at what these behaviors mean from the business point of view and also sketch some implementation strategies for them.

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Flying High Above Turbulences In Software Development (Part 1 of 2)

The past few years have taught business owners everywhere that predictability is a thing of the past. Whether they learned it the hard way, or were among the survivors of repeated turmoil, everybody from team members to CEOs is aware that uncertainty is the new “normality” and world class researchers already recognized the “chaotic” economic model as the status quo.

Reasons that led to this reality include globalization, the unprecedented expansion of the Internet and other networks and the lightning speed at which information spreads, as a direct consequence of permanent connectivity. Today’s bleeding-edge technology is mainstream by tomorrow, only to become obsolete just as fast and maintaining a competitive advantage is harder than ever.

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[Announcing]: Event for the launch of the 7.0 “Wheezy| Debian

The Debian community in Romania will launch Debian “Wheezy” at 1&1 Internet Development, this Saturday, May, 11th

This Saturday, at our headquarters, you’re invited to join The Debian community in Romania for the launch of the 7.0 version of the Debian GNU / Linux operating system, named “Wheezy”.

The launch of the 7.0 version of the Debian “Wheezy”

DATE: Saturday, May, 11th

TIME: 11:00 AM-16:00 PM @ 1&1 Internet Development, 10th floor, Entrance A

All you need to do is click here and register to save your seat for the launch of the 7.0 version of the Debian “Wheezy”!


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A night at the … theatre

A night at the … theatre

A night at the … theatre

No, unlike the Queen album, we didn’t go to the opera … we chose the next best thing – the theatre.

But let us first disclose the unknowns:

“We” – stands for the executive staff team, plus one guest from another team, which remains undisclosed for confidentiality purposes; 🙂

“Theatre” – the play “Dragostea dureaza trei ani”, beautifully performed by four talented actors at Café Godot.

Now let’s start with the beginning.

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