Bug Friday, in Domains Apps – the legend

Once upon a time …

It was a chill Friday morning, mist was setting around and no one was to be seen. Only the steps of heavy armors and blades tingeling were to be heard. But suddenly the noise grew much closer and then heroes hardened in battles walk the path of DSSA Camp passing by.

Lots of work was to be done before the first horn will announce the beginning of the battle. Speakers were set, playlists were made, keyboards were sharpened and when Commodore entered the War Room, everybody was present to see the Battle Plan and Rules of Engagement.

At 10:00 sharp, the first ray of light pierced the dense mist, in a couple of minutes the skies were clean and you could see two mighty armies gathering on each side of the battle field. First, the Bug Army lead by fearsome CX bug general, the second army, DSSA Band of Heroes, lead by Commodore SpaceCowboy.


First horn of the battle announced the first attack, both armies rushed against each other and the battle started. Angular hero managed to take down 2 bugs with just a swing of a keyboard and deadly injured a third one, next to him UX Master crushed another enemy with his mouse knife, and 3 with his magical keyboard staff. On the other side of the battlefield another hero (which will not be named in here for privacy reasons), although injured and staying home, with his mind powers took down another 2 bugs.


Half way, the battle, was stopped because both sides need a break to replenish life and spell power. Our heroes had plenty of treats to choose from.

more-fun even-more-fun










Second horn of the battle announced the beginning of the second clash. WitchDoctor cast a spell from his AppleWand and another 4 bugs disappeared. Right next to him SilentJokeMaster and SpicyGeek raise the axes and another 2 bugs were vanquished. On a black horse Smiley girl pierced another 3 bugs with her Enter spear. The last hero to be mentioned in here is the one that ended the battle in DSSA favour, Mike dodged the last attack of the last 4 remaining bugs and finished them with his poisonous arrows.


This was not an easy fight. DSSA Heroes were outnumbered 2 to 1, but they managed to achieve victory. At the end of the day no bugs were standing, only the armours and blades of the DSSA were shining in the down light.

The rest of the winning party is to be written by the poets and singed by the bards.

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