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This is a guest post written by Scoala de Valori

More than a month from its start, the STAR adventure is in full development, and the 30 high school students passionately keep working on the software applications. We are happy to see that the Scoala de Valori and 1&1 project has had such a success with the youngsters and has been so very welcomed by all the participants!

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The teenagers became so enthusiastic with STAR, because it gives them the opportunity to put their knowledge into practice and also leave a personal mark on a team project, developed under the supervision of professionals. STAR presented them both with the chance to learn new programming languages and with a support for personal development, by putting their full potential to work. The students highly appreciated the openness of all their collaborators within this project, the 1&1 mentors and the team from Scoala de Valori.

 “The development of this project was based on the wish to invest in the potential of these teenagers and hopefully offer them a practical teaching experience, combined with some basics for personal development to help them improve their teamwork competences, their presentation and time management skills and their cooperation willingness. The collaboration with the company 1&1 came as a plus, offering these youngsters a teaching environment totally different from the one from school, the one they have been accustomed with so far, and an accurate practical context very close to the current business environment from the IT&C industry.” Ștefan Pălărie, Head of Corporate Engagement, Școala de Valori

Usually the persons working in the IT industry are considered to be more distant and secluded. The high school students were surprised to find behind the specialists from 1&1 open and friendly individuals, willing to share their knowledge with their trainees.

Besides the technical workshops, the Scoala de Valori team held three other workshops on teamwork, leadership and ethics and value, where the students identified their strong and weak points and also improved their self confidence.

We have a great collaboration with the team from 1&1 and are very happy to work together at this project! They understand the importance of values and soft skills, besides the technical experience; a successful professional needs not only practical knowledge but also instruments that highlight his/her qualities. One must know how to work in a team and organize the given time so as to make the best out of it. We appreciate the openness and willingness of the 1&1 team, as well as the passion and implication they gave to the STAR project, things for which we are highly appreciative!“ Diana David, Project Manager STAR, Școala de Valori

We wish for the STAR experience to be an impulse for the further development of many more teen dedicated projects, in collaboration with companies able to offer these young students full personal and professional development programs!

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