Winterfest 2013

Access TeamAn old saying states that “Good things come to those who wait”. Well, with all due respect to popular wisdom, this Winterfest edition taught us that better things come to those who ACT!

If I were to flashback to when it all started, the following memories invade my head. Adrian F., head of Access Development Romania Team gathers us in the small, familiar, 406 room for an ad-hoc meeting. Team rounds up, door gets closed, everybody still on their feet and then the news comes: “Guys, this year we will be responsible for organizing the Winterfest party in 1&1. What do you think?”. Judging by facial expression, a mix of curiosity, anxiousness, uncertainty and excitement filled the atmosphere. As with any change that impacts daily routine, people approach it with caution at first. But even though we were not sure how to do this, what exactly will happen and if we’ll pull it through, we figured out this was a nice time to jump-in and start paddling. So everybody committed to this.

So far, so good. Trying to fit in our organizer roles, we still were not getting any closer to defining HOW we’re going to do this. But experience helps people become confident, and in our case, Mihaela R., a veteran in planning company-wide events, joined our team and brought some much needed “know-how” regarding the planning flow and schedule.

Next, we faced a vital element for the Winterfest: the theme of the party! After passionate brainstorming sessions we devised a topic that would combine the festive spirit with a bit of glamour. Something that would involve people in the company and give them a chance to shine by doing something different then their daily roles. This is how 1&1 Movie Awards was chosen as a theme for the 2013 Winterfest edition.

If we decided to have movie awards then we might as well make sure we had movies to present and award. And this was no easy task. It took several discussions with different teams to convince people to act and star in a movie of their own production. The start was slow but we are proud to announce that by the end of the given period for submissions, 7 teams focused their efforts and surprised us with their ideas, acting talents and rendering skills. We strongly believe that acting in a movie offers multiple advantages. It gives people the chance to express themselves, broadcast their hard work on different products and increase cohesion and collaboration similar to teambuilding activities.

But this Winterfest preparation was more than just about the movies. It was a wonderful cocktail of efforts that sustained its development on different stages. One stage involved the site. It had to reflect the Hollywood theme, it had to be updated frequently and it had to feature the latest news. All this would not have been possible without the combined efforts of Andrei P., Oana S. and Stefan G. from the CoDev team. A special thank you goes to Mihai P., our new UX and conceptual designer, for the beautiful header design of the site. Because movies go hand in hand with good music, we were delighted that our 1&1 band also joined the event gracing us with a rocking performance. Adrian made sure that communication between the organizing team and the band was smooth so that important details like schedule, instruments and other apparel were in place.

As you can imagine, movie rendering and band setup involve plenty of technical issues to be overcome. And here is where Lucian B.’s help was welcome. He kept an eye on all these technical details and made it look effortless.

Moving forward, all events need pictures so that they can be remembered and all pictures need an outstanding background to emphasize the moment. Andrei C. got all these items solved and if you enjoyed your pictures, your badges, and all the little things that add up to a lot of effort, he’s the guy to thank for that.

Of course, there are some aspects that girls handle better. Andreea N. did a great job at diligently inspecting and selecting decorations for the location and for styling the organizing team’s attire and we’re confident, we could not have achieved the festive atmosphere without her involvement. And speaking of girls, Access Development Romania has a new colleague too, Irina G. And even if the ramp up period is demanding for any new recruit, she proved herself a real trooper and joined the effort of the organizing team with efficiency and grace. We are confident that this is only a prequel of her performance within the team.

And, as always, there has to be somebody whacky enough to track all these tasks and give you an insight into this beautiful story which was the making of Winterfest 2013. In the name of the Access Development Romania team, Corina C. thanks you all for the opportunity to contribute to this beautiful Winterfest edition!

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