1&1 Internship: What one of our interns say

One of our interns speaks about his internship with 1&1 Internet Romania and how this experience helped him learn how things work inside big companies.

The 1&1 Internship Program was probably the best work experience I’ve ever had. Studying at the Polytechnic University of Bucharest, Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology, I’ve always wanted to get in touch with a great company and learn how things work inside. At 1&1 I had the opportunity to find out many interesting things about different topics regarding software development and testing procedures.
When I took the interview and I received a positive feedback, I was pleased with the opportunity offered. Since it was my first internship program I didn’t know what to expect. Few days before starting the program I met some of the other trainees. Some of them were familiar faces, since we were colleagues at the university. We received the internship plan with the teams we were assigned to. After one and a half month we were required to provide feedback about how we felt within the assigned teams. At the same time we were about to switch teams so we could learn more information about different projects and processes from different departments.
At the first meeting I found out that I was assigned in the QA domain, within the eBusiness Applications team. I was glad to meet my mentor (buddy), Carmen, who was responsible with the testing area and was also the SCRUM master. She was always very busy but every time I had questions she was glad to help me. She showed me interesting tools and testing procedures and as time passed by, I started to become more and more interested in the QA field.
This is why I decided at the Internship Overview Presentation to stay for the rest of the program within the same team. Carmen was pleased with my choice since the team was preparing to go live with their product and more tests were needed to be performed.
Regarding the atmosphere within the company I was really impressed with how friendly everybody was. Although we were assigned to different departments, I kept in touch with the other interns as we met quite often for lunch. Thus, we were able be constantly inform ourselves about what the others were learning, and about the challenges they were facing. We also had to do the Internship Common Project and we even worked together so we could create a good internship program presentation for the other trainees that were to follow the next years.
Looking back now I have to say I’m glad to have accepted this internship program and I consider myself really lucky to have had this great opportunity to learn how things work inside big companies. But probably the most important thing that I got from this internship is that I now find myself less confused about my future career plans.


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