ShipIT Day @ 1&1 Internet Development – eCommerce Department Romania. From idea to practice

ShipIT Day @ 1&1 Internet Development. From idea to practiceThis is how the event started and this is what we’re expecting for its outcome!

Long history short…

The Ship It Day concept has been designed by Atlassian to give its employees the chance to work on anything that relates to the company products and deliver it during the 24 hours of the event. This came from the necessity of fostering the creativity, proving a different opinion, moving faster and increasing the work environment attractiveness.

Hmmm… seems familiar… and even more, we’re thinking that it also helps strengthening the teams and increasing the quality of the collaboration.

Game rules…

Being an activity based on people creativity it shouldn’t be limited by too many rules. That’s why the participation is voluntary and the rules are very few and simple, allowing the maximum flexibility for participants and making them adaptable to different environments.

The way we did it…

We got together and imagined how the event should look for our department – what we need to adapt, if there were any risks and constraints, what was the best time to do it, what we needed to put it in practice and to make it successful and funny…

Too many concerns when everything was so easy and natural… Our people do have a lot of great ideas! They simply needed the occasion to show it! And they’ve got it!

Each participant presented his/her initial idea to gain supporters and additional fuel to put it in practice. Then, the most challenging ideas were selected by the group to be part of the Ship It Day experience.

The outcome…

24 hours from the event’s kick off time, we got together again to wrap up the event by changing opinions and expressing feelings about what Ship It Day meant for each of us.  Then we summarized the successfully finished ideas while eating delicious celebration cake 🙂

Only then, with restored powers thanks to the highly brain adrenaline gathered along the way and the increased glycemic index, wemade presentations of each delivered idea.

This was probably the peak, the most expected moment when a lot of valuable initiatives emerged in front of our eyes, ideas that in the near future may either become or build the base for new functionalities of 1&1 products.

… and other outcomes…

Although the event was designed to let people work autonomously, we noticed a lot of positive collaboration and qualitative team work, as well as the desire of every participant to see that everybody’s engagements were successfully reached.

Oh, not to forget – we also had fun! 🙂

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