Trans-marathon? But of course!


This is a guest post written by our former colleague, Larry, a developer who enjoys the life’s bits and bytes. Enjoy! 🙂

Even now, when I remember, I start smiling…


This spring I started running a little bit more seriously, that is somehow on a frequent basis.

The first competition I attended was The Bucharest Half-Marathon in May, where I had the pleasure to run together with ex-colleagues from 1&1.

It was a beautiful experience, even though, at that time, in spite of the little training I had, I managed with some difficulties to run the 5.5 km of the relay race.

The same day we decided we should meet again for the marathon race in October, so I started following a training schedule for 10 km.

I found out about this event approximately a month and a half before the Transmaraton.

The concept, the race location and the causes for which the participants chose to be part of the event, grouped together a series of values important for me, so I said: “I need to participate!”

I knew from the beginning the cause I would join: Scoala de Valori (The School of Values) with their program “Gandeste pentru Tine” (“Think for Yourself”).

The same day I contacted the organizers to join the half-marathon race, the shortest one from the competition and I found out that there was only one spot left available!

“Yes, I’m in!” I said a little bit worried though, knowing that I would only have one and a half months to get from 10 km (the distance I was able to run then on a flat surface) to 21 km and not just like that: 14 km with a vertical climb of 1050m and then a descend of a little more than 7 km.

That’s how it all began.

Once the registration completed I also acted as a fundraiser for Scoala de Valori, in order to reach the common goal of being able to offer for free the workshop “Gandeste pentru Tine” for 300 high school students in 3 cities.

The response was incredible: family, friends, colleagues and ex-colleagues, even unknown people donated helping me reach 213% of the initial target (only so far! – one can still donate until 30th of September).

The days have gone by very fast and in the morning of the 7th of September I started running on one of the most beautiful roads in the world. The weather was excelent, the landscapes of a rare beauty, the atmosphere created by organizers and maintained by the volunteers and supporters all along the way was extraordinary.

I enjoyed every step and near the finish line, along with the happiness of finalizing such a race I felt the regret of only having the next similar opportunity one year from now.

It was an honor to be part of the fabulous team of Scoala de Valori and to share such wonderful moments.

What do you think? What successes have you had? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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