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ShipIT Day @ 1&1 Internet Development – eCommerce Department Romania. From idea to practice

ShipIT Day @ 1&1 Internet Development. From idea to practiceThis is how the event started and this is what we’re expecting for its outcome!

Long history short…

The Ship It Day concept has been designed by Atlassian to give its employees the chance to work on anything that relates to the company products and deliver it during the 24 hours of the event. This came from the necessity of fostering the creativity, proving a different opinion, moving faster and increasing the work environment attractiveness.

Hmmm… seems familiar… and even more, we’re thinking that it also helps strengthening the teams and increasing the quality of the collaboration.

Game rules…

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Trans-marathon? But of course!


This is a guest post written by our former colleague, Larry, a developer who enjoys the life’s bits and bytes. Enjoy! 🙂

Even now, when I remember, I start smiling…


This spring I started running a little bit more seriously, that is somehow on a frequent basis.

The first competition I attended was The Bucharest Half-Marathon in May, where I had the pleasure to run together with ex-colleagues from 1&1.

It was a beautiful experience, even though, at that time, in spite of the little training I had, I managed with some difficulties to run the 5.5 km of the relay race.

The same day we decided we should meet again for the marathon race in October, so I started following a training schedule for 10 km.

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How to organize your work with KanbanFlow

You find it hard to follow up with your responsibilities? Having problems organizing your daily tasks? Your memory is not always helping you? Not anymore!

Whether you’re familiar or not with the Agile methodologies, Kanban can (and will) help you sort, prioritize and organize each of your responsibilities.

All you have to do is to create an account here and then start configuring your own board. It’s up to you to choose the appropriate approach. You can use one for yourself or you can share a board with your colleagues from the dedicated team.

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What makes a project Behavior Driven?

This article is a guest post written by Alex, an Independent IT QA Consultant, with over 6 years of experience, specialized in infrastructure, telecom, defense and security.

Having been previously exposed to the Test Driven Development (TDD) practices at the beginning of my career in IT QA, the ancestor of current BDD practices, I have had a first-hand experience with the ups and downs arising from a poorly managed requirements development process and learned not to put expectations very high in regards to initial system architecture at a certain scale.What makes a project Behavior Driven

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[Announcement] Two brand new products from Romania

Two brand new products from Romania_ DSSA goes LiveDear readers, the Webhosting team from Romania has two very special events to announce:

  •  The nTLD (new Top Level Domains) Reservation Self Service Application is live from the 1st of July. This is one of our first steps towards conquering the new market of nTLDs. As we speak, we have over 406,900 reservations already made through this channel. We kindly invite you to enjoy our product and drop us a line in case you have some feedback. The application can be reached via:
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