Trainee Experience @1&1 Internet Development

Trainee Experience @1&1 Internet Development

This article is an interview of our Product Management Trainee from the RAIN Development Romania department. Brunna is from Brazil; she is working in Romania as a trainee for a period of six months. She is sharing insights into the common struggles of a traineeship abroad.

What is like being a trainee in 1&1 Internet Development?

This is a unique experience for me. First of all because the culture is totally different from mine. When I arrived in 1&1 Internet Development I was cuddled by everyone, both the HR from the company and my colleagues from RAIN project gave me all the support I needed. Brazilian people are known for being good hosts and if I have to compare them with the Romanian ones I’ll have some trouble. Also, if you’re going to visit a Romanian house, you’d better be hungry! 🙂

Ever since I arrived I’ve been working in the RAIN project and even if I try, I can’t find a bad thing to say about the project or the people. I found here programming/idiom challenges and at the same time I found friendly and helpfully colleagues, who made each challenge look like a piece of cake.

How did you get started?

In the middle of last year I graduated from university and decided to live an experience abroad, so I joined AIESEC (A global youth network) and started seeking for a job. To be honest, Romania was not an option for me, but after looking at the 1&1 Internet Development position description I changed my mind and applied for the position. After two interviews I was invited to join 1&1 team in Romania and I accepted.

I didn’t have any doubts about the company, I knew I was going to like it a lot, but the country surprised me in a good way. I wasn’t expecting such a rich country.

How does this program impact your life?

For sure, I can say I’m not the same person that arrived in Romania in April 11. After you leave home and your comfort zone you’re bound to face each challenge and learn from all of them. You become bravest and confident of yourself when you realize you’re able to guide your life in a way you want.

How important will coding be in the near future? Now that you’ve been doing it for a few months, do you think you want to stick it out as a programmer?

Before coming to Romania I was already a java developer and didn’t have doubts I wanted to go ahead with this career, but now I opened my mind for others technologies, methodologies and frameworks.

What is the most complex project you have worked on?

At first the RAIN project was a big challenge. I assumed a position of automation developer (Which I had assumed before) but with totally new technologies, programing language and architecture. I had to do a lot of research in the beginning to better understand what was going on behind the code, and the help from my colleagues was really useful in this understanding process.

What was your role?

I’m a java automation developer.

What was the outcome of the project?

JavaScript web features of RAIN framework included in automated tests.

How have things changed in your life?

The most important difference I noticed is that I’m now more cultural tolerant. I can see both sides of cultures. The world needs this. People traveling around and see that we’re all the same. Cultural wars destroyed hundred countries so far when all that was needed was just a little knowledge about people.

What trends are you seeing?

Now I feel confident to work within European companies around the world, since I now know a little bit of the culture, processes and methodologies.

What advice / tips would you share with your peers?

The most attractive thing for me at first was the 1&1 company and I was right about it. I met helpful and friendly people here, who made me, feel at home. Thus, I found an incredible country and for sure my advice would be to come to Romania and live this experience.

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