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Some of our rare spare time we, Andrea O. and myself – two people who love reading books- spend bookcrossing. We breathe life into books instead of letting theHappy readingm collect dust in a shelf. Bookcrossing is a community of book lovers who release books “into the wild” and then follow their journeys.

People who “catch” a wild book follow the instructions on the label to go to bookcrossing.com to see where the book has been and to make a new journal entry so that other Bookcrossers know it’s in good hands. After they have read it, they release the book again on park benches, in shops, in phone booths… as long as others can find it.

Or we share our books with other members sending them around, so as many members as possible can read them.

Why are we passionate?

It is great fun to see that our books are free and bring joy to people would never have thought to get a book for free.

Look at some great examples:

–    Books in an unconventional location

–    Books read by so many people

–    Books traveling to the end of the world

But there is more to it:

– You can hunt for books in your neighborhood or around the world

– You can connect with other members at meet-ups & conventions around the world
We actually met at a meeting before we were colleagues at 1&1 Internet Development.

– You can look up a bookand read a review.

– You can involve yourself in themed release challenges such as the Bookcrossing Olympics

– You can participate in a Ring, reading a book that goes around the world.


If you find a book.

Just go to the website, type in the ID number and leave a message…

If you have a book, that could have a change in live.


Register your book for free, and get a unique Bookcrossing ID.

This BCID allows you to follow your book wherever it goes.

Write the ID and a message to finder in the book. “Dear finders please leave me a message at …………”


Now it’s time to pass it on!

There are a few different ways you can share your book:

– Give it away, share with your friends;

– Release it into the wild: Set your book free at a place where an new reader can find it: on a bench in a park, at your favorite cafe, on top of a mountain…

– Exchange it with other bookcrossers.


Now, follow your book’s adventures.

When another reader finds your book, they can enter the BCID on BookCrossing.com and report that it’s been caught. Journal entries about your book allow you to see where your book is, who’s reading it now, and follow where it goes next.


If you want to try out, pick up a book @ 1&1 Internet Development or register & create your own virtual bookshelf.

Happy reading!

Andreea O. & Ulrich K.

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