Agile Management & the four types of trust within a team

When trust between business partners disappears the business may very well disappear too or, best case scenario, the partners may break up and follow different roads. At first, the one who suffers is the performance of the team and the debates will be shadowed by suspicions and assumptions.

Jurgen Appelo in Management 3.0 has a theory on how many types of trust exist within a team (source
In a few words there are FOUR:
– Trust in your own person that you can make it;
– Trust in the same level colleagues;
– Manager’s trust in the team members;
– The trust of the team in the manager;
Which is the most important one? Which one should never disappear?
I believe they are all equally important and should be treated accordingly inside any team.
From the manager’s point of view his trust in the team disappears (or has already disappeared ?) when he starts playing the policeman, implementing tracking and controlling actions.
The team will respond in its turn with the same suspicions, embracing a more circumspect and reserved position.
How do we get here? Stress, insufficiently trained managers, teams that never reached the norming stage.

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