One year of Operations Hosting Romania

In May 2012 a new team started working in Bucharest, its purpose, supporting Development Hosting teams with aOne year of Operations Hosting Romaniapplication operations on live and pre-live systems (deploying new patches and releases, performing regular maintenance checks, configuration updates, application monitoring, on call support for incidents) while acting as a buffer between Development Hosting teams and IT Operations teams on system related matters. The new team’s name was Operations Hosting Romania (OHR), a little brother of the Operations Hosting team from Karlsruhe.

Since then, a year has passed and we are now taking some time, looking behind, seeing what we’ve accomplished. Supported by our Operations Hosting colleagues in Germany and the Domains Development teams in Bucharest and Karlsruhe we started training in May and got off to work in early July, supporting mostly the Domains systems. Since then almost 1000 cases were treated by the team, consisting of releases, deployments, troubleshooting, various monitoring triggered events, scheduled maintenance and configuration tasks.

The feedback from our development teams was excellent, all deployments on live and prelive systems for Domains are executed by the team thus hastening deployment times and lowering roll back rates while increasing security, we even raised a few bugs during the past year, yet, from all our work we are perhaps most proud of the year over year decrease in the cumulated duration of incidents on Domains system components (from more than 5 days in H1 ‘12 to less than 8 hours this semester), a key metric for any operations team, and more importantly a collaborative effort between Development Hosting and Hosting QOS(Quality,Operations and Services) teams both in Bucharest and in Karlsruhe, the highlight being an interval of more than 6 months without customer escalated incidents on Domains.

One year down the road we would like to thank everyone, they were not few, who helped us along our way, their support has been priceless. With new interesting projects coming into our run portfolio, like DSSA, RAIN and the nTLD’s, we’re sure this is not the last you’ll hear about the Operations Hosting Romania team.

From sunny Bucharest, 🙂 The OHR Team (Alexandru, Cristian, Dragos, Tudor)



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