A night at the … theatre

A night at the … theatre

A night at the … theatre

No, unlike the Queen album, we didn’t go to the opera … we chose the next best thing – the theatre.

But let us first disclose the unknowns:

“We” – stands for the executive staff team, plus one guest from another team, which remains undisclosed for confidentiality purposes; 🙂

“Theatre” – the play “Dragostea dureaza trei ani”, beautifully performed by four talented actors at Café Godot.

Now let’s start with the beginning.

It was Tuesday, end of the work day, at least for some of us; after a while, our keen endeavors reached their purpose … our manager gave in, stopped working and accompanied us to what was to become the start of a delightful evening.

We reached the café early … wow … we got the best seats, right in front of the stage. We placed our orders and started “interacting” so to speak – at times even a little too loud; I guess that’s the downside of being an entirely “feminine” team.

Now the long expected moment – the play started – Bang! No more smoking during the play … Bang! In our case (almost) nobody was even slightly affected 🙂 – Bang!

It was a beautiful and original theatrical production, exquisitely performed by great actors, especially by Cristi Iacob, who managed to include the audience in his act, also three of our team members, who were lucky enough to get noticed by the talented and resourceful actor – I guess the vicinity of our seats paid off.

Altogether it was a wonderful evening that definitely brought us together, although at times we found it difficult to hear each other with all the background noise.

Is there anything better? Food, a glass of somethingJ, an excellent play and good company …

We still have each 24.45 Ron left from our happy budget, so … ideas anyone? 🙂

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