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Basketball Competition

Basketball Competition

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All the Best Players

After three rounds of Romanian Corporate Sports – Basketball, only four teams out of sixteen are still undefeated. Among them, one of the most impressive is the team currently ranked in the second position in Group A: 1&1 INTERNET Romania. This team defeated XEROX Romania in the first round, then BANCA ROMANEASCA, and SKIN MEDIA in the third round.

Who are those who scared their opponents of Romanian Corporate Sports? Let’s get to know Vlad Cabel, Sabin Stoica, Dan Georgeoni, Cristi Ion, Alin Werner Novak, Alex Paduraru, and Daniel Beu. They came, they played, and they won. It’s still an open question what they will do starting with the 4th round. However, it is interesting how they regard their participation in the competition, which is depicted by Wolfgang Gunne, CEO of 1&1 INTERNET Romania.

Romanian Corporate Sports: How do you regard the initiative to organize such a sporting competition among major companies in Romania?

Wolfgang Gunne: Beyond events internally organized by each company, initiatives such as Romanian Corporate Sports are meant to supplement the teambuilding experiences, and implicitly the affiliation of our employees to an organizational culture. Any competition is a good opportunity for self-improvement and performance, regardless of its level or stakes.

R.C.S.: According to your opinion, how does the working atmosphere or the socio-professional climate influence this basketball competition?

W.G.: Any competition is an opportunity to enhance networking between employees, team building and – why not? – a great occasion to socialize beyond office hours. Certainly, the relationship between teammates improves with the participation in such competitions, a joint effort to achieve sports performance and confirm their value, even at amateur level.

R.C.S.: Considering their technical and tactical skills, are there in your team any players who have practiced basketball at professional level?

W.G.: Ours is a self-taught team. Our colleagues have never practiced basketball at professional level. However, they are enthusiastic, and this can be seen in the game they play in every round of the competition. It is a hobby for each of them, and also the pride of the fact that they represent us, all those from 1&1.

R.C.S.: Is there any interest on the part of the colleagues of those actually involved, in their position as players in this competition?

W.G.:Our colleagues attend such competitions based on an affinity for sports, beside a high competitive spirit. The results themselves are the testimony of the interest that our team has for sports, as well as the ambition to be the best and also to represent the company as good as possible beyond their professional activity at 1&1.

R.C.S.: What are the objectives of 1&1 in the 2013 Spring Edition of Romanian Corporate Sports – Basketball?

W.G.: Our team is very confident in their own forces. We have highly ambitious and technical players, who have obtained many victories until this stage of the competition. Obviously, we want to reach the final, but whatever the result, such competitions are very important for the 1&1 team, and we enjoy attending them every time.

It is obvious that the representatives of 1&1 INTERNET Romania are motivated and competitive, and the results demonstrate that. However, there are still four rounds to play in the group phase, and their opponents will mobilize increasingly better, study their game closely and look for their weak points. From now on, every win will be more difficult, but at the same time, sweeter.

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