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Internship @1&1

Internship @1&1

This is a guest post written by Sorin P. our intern for a week.

Here are Sorin’s thoughts on his one week internship at 1&1 Internet Development, what he learnt and what he believes the future holds for him:

I have decided to see if it is really as hard to work for IT companies as people usually say. Although, you might say I am too young to have worked for a company, I can state that I experienced many interesting things in the time I was at 1&1 Internet.

When I first came here, I was very surprised that everyone was very relaxed during the work they were doing. Secondly, I would like to point out something that in my opinion is very important and should be done everywhere: teamwork. People here use to help each other, although they are part of different teams. Another important fact which I think is interesting is the fun they have at work, for example they all use to laugh, have a good time one with each other in the breaks, they eat together and also share their private life activities.

Excepting the work they do here, they are also undertaking many activities, like the Summerfest in the summer, the Winterfest in winter and the Oktoberfest in October. Actually, these activities are playing a very important role because of the interaction needed: they connect people.

During my stay at 1&1 I had the opportunity to talk to a lot of members from different teams, who were trying to explain to me, how the whole company works. Each member I spoke to, told me about their projects: whether already finished, or projects they were working at, or future projects. Usually each team has a daily meeting, when every member of the team has to explain what he is doing that day, but also what still needs to be done. Another big meeting is done when the project is finished, and when the team is taking into consideration “things they have done well” and “the improvements”. After finishing a project, the team usually, throws a party which should symbolise the end of the work (project).

The 1&1 Internet Development company knows how to keep its employees entertained as well, by giving them the chance to participate at basketball and football championships, thing that I really appreciate.

Given this opportunity, I was able to improve my skills and I would definitely recommend this experience to everyone else who is interested in seeing how such a company works. This really helped me figure out what I will do next, and I hope you guys will enjoy such an interesting experience, too.

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