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Tree Planting at 1&1 Internet Development! Would you like to join us?

tree platingSpring is here!

For an entire month, starting March 15th until April 15th, forests are celebrated.

Then, why not celebrate it properly: spend a day outdoors planting trees, meanwhile enjoying the company of our colleagues and the special ones beside us 🙂 ?

Once told, the “planting day” has come to life. Recently, all our colleagues have received an invitation to spend one day in nature, planting a forest.

April 13th is the day saved on calendar.

What about you? Would you like to join us? Save the date!

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The team of the week: 1&1 INTERNET Romania

Basketball Competition

Basketball Competition

This article was published on the Romanian Corporate Sports website.

All the Best Players

After three rounds of Romanian Corporate Sports – Basketball, only four teams out of sixteen are still undefeated. Among them, one of the most impressive is the team currently ranked in the second position in Group A: 1&1 INTERNET Romania. This team defeated XEROX Romania in the first round, then BANCA ROMANEASCA, and SKIN MEDIA in the third round.

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Java User Group edition #9 at 1&1 Internet Development

JUG edition 9

JUG edition #9 @ 1&1 Internet

This is a guest post written by Eugen Stan, BJUG member.

BJUG #10 is closing in fast. In less than two weeks we meet again, and get another chance to find out new stuff about new and exciting technologies, but more important about each other. That is the reason why we, Andrei and Mihai, started JUG Bucharest almost one year ago and that is the reason why I constantly remind people to share ideas and get to know each other better.

I’m a strong believer that people drive things forward, and that technologies, frameworks and programming languages are just tools.

JUG 10 looks popular, but it still has some catching up to do before it reaches the same popularity as JUG #9, which managed to fill the 100 places conference room from the 10th floor at 1&1 Internet Development.

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Thoughts From An Intern

Internship @1&1

Internship @1&1

This is a guest post written by Sorin P. our intern for a week.

Here are Sorin’s thoughts on his one week internship at 1&1 Internet Development, what he learnt and what he believes the future holds for him:

I have decided to see if it is really as hard to work for IT companies as people usually say. Although, you might say I am too young to have worked for a company, I can state that I experienced many interesting things in the time I was at 1&1 Internet.

When I first came here, I was very surprised that everyone was very relaxed during the work they were doing. Secondly, I would like to point out something that in my opinion is very important and should be done

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