A new step in improving the 1&1 Mobile Experience

Knowledge is power..

Knowledge is power..

Smartphones are not just simple gadgets; they are creating a strong emotional relation with their users. They are close at hand; they are the shortest way to reach people who matter; they keep our most important memories, and they help us do our job better. As a marketer, I strongly believe that mobile applications are the type of applications that can create the highest engagement with the users. In the same time, the challenging part is how to fulfill the higher and higher expectations of the users.

The beginning

The end of this spring kept us busy. We had many ideas about how we could help our customers have a better experience on their Smartphones, and we looked for awesome people, who would make our idea happen. At the end of June we had already all the heroes of our story: Development for iOS and Android, QA, User Experience and Copywriting – or more exactly, a strong team, able to organize, innovate and adapt in a highly agile environment… all of that in our fast growing office in Bucharest.

Our first application

Each day, we are working hard to make our customers successful online. We are creating products that make small businesses engage with their online customers: They are the hearth of economy; we are the hearth of their online presence. This is why the first application we chose was about how to present the indicators of success on a mobile device in a very easy way to understand. We wanted to help the entrepreneurs who are using our services to have permanently the main KPIs of their online businesses close at hand.

This is how 1&1 Insights was born. From our WebAnalytics product, the most important KPIs were made available on the most popular operating systems for SmartPhones: iOS and Android.

How it was done

We wanted an application that can show the most important KPIs of an online business in a format easy to understand. We considered essential to help every business owner, who has little or no experience, understand what is going well, and what is going wrong. We wished to have an application that is in the same time easy to use, fast and secure.

To achieve this goal, we had an iterative approach, using an agile development strategy. We began with the main screen, where we gathered all the important data. After that, we started polishing it until we found the perfect balance between simplicity and information. After the screen was completed, we built the other screens: the chart screens, data screen, product tour, settings and help. We focused on making the concept adapted for each platform-strength in order to offer the look and feel of each platform.

As soon as the concept was ready, the development was smooth and fast. Having a workable prototype after the first iteration (2 weeks) was extremely useful. Thus, we had enough time to let our application be tested by different colleagues, who were interested in providing us feedback. So, until the final release, we were able to collect a high amount of valuable feedback, and adjust the product in the smallest details.

We obtained a 4-star application, and we are working hard to convince our users that we also deserve the 5thstar. If you are one of the 1&1 Customers who has access to WebAnalytics, you can try our app on iTunes and Google Play.

However, our mobile adventure has not stopped here. We have many exciting projects for this year. Stay tuned…

This article was written by George P. – Product Manager Mobile Applications

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