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When did I start?

It all started in June 2011, when I needed to do some exercise for my health due to a sedentary day-to-day schedule. During the first sessions indoors, I was barely able to run 500 m (besides the other exercises I was doing). Although I was not a fan of running, I discovered over time that I like to run. When it got warm outside, I started to run with friends / colleagues from my company, both in parks and at the National Stadium.

Where am I now?

After one and a half years of training, I am now able to run about 10 km in one hour. So, I joined the running group, dedicated to the running enthusiasts. We meet regularly for weekly training sessions in the Herastrau Park.

Last October, we finally could prove our progress when we joined the Bucharest Marathon Event, attended by several marathon teams (4X10.5 km). My team, including Alex N., Vlad S, Ulrich K, finished on an honorable 30th place.

What is next?

I will continue to train with the same enthusiasm as before. Next year, I have in mind to attend several 10 km races, i.e. relay races with my colleagues, and, why not, a semi-marathon of 21 km. Happy Running!

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