Code Name: AgileFest 2012. Twelve determined speakers and a great audience

After the feast of joy, proudly called 1&1 Winterfest, another special moment happily arrived: AgileFest 2012!  The twelve speakers gathered both from Romania and Germany shared within a flash of inspiration their experience, ideas, best practices, and also great moments of fun.

The fact that Adrian F., with his Agile Management 3.0, was the first speaker turned out to be a great thing. As an experienced speaker and trainer, he set an elevated baseline for all the other presenters. Suddenly, the stakes were higher.

Then, it was Sorin S. presenting How do we know when we’re done? On this occasion, along with other interesting things, he clarified the difference between two very important terms: “Acceptance Criteria” and “Definition of Done”.

For the following presentation, we almost had to bring more chairs into our biggest meeting room, because the announced topic was maybe the hottest topic nowadays: Automated Testing. In my opinion, Ciprian B. ran his presentation exactly the way he had promised to: from the practical point of view. For those interested in this matter, I’ll only mention a question from the Q&A session:

Attendee: If I take your framework and use it in my project, will it work?

Ciprian: Yes.

In Slack is the ultimate weapon, Reiner K. presented how Google uses this slack concept into their daily business, and also how it can be turned into a valuable source of innovation.

Radu P. was another speaker who made us bring more chairs. The catchy title of his presentation, A JIRA Project That Makes Everybody Happy, gathered a lot of people, both technical and non-technical.

The first day of the AgileFest event ended with Daniel G. and his Agile Architecture, presenting his vision about the role of an architect in an Agile company, and also some very interesting practical challenges encountered by their team along the way.

The second day started with Dan R.’s presentation on Coaching and Powerful Questions. During his presentation, Dan also approached the coaching subject through a practical case study called How coaching questions can be used to change a hostile frame of reference.

Then, Reiner K. took once again the scene for one of my favorite presentations of this event: Some things worth to be tried out when working in Agile development. I confess that I had something to learn from almost every slide of his presentation! I take this opportunity to thank Reiner for sharing with us his personal experience in the Agile world.

The next presenter was Cristi C., speaking about Scrum: a new culture of learning. During his performance, he approached subjects as Tribal Learning and Triads, and lots of other interesting matters adding personal experiences.

After that, it was Claudia V.‘s turn to catch our attention with a more-actual-than-ever subject: Internationalization and Localization Processes (A Case Study). Due to this presentation I finally understood the difference between internationalization and localization.

Configuration API, the last presentation of this event, was the one that left the kitchen – and the new coffee area as well – without chairs, Vadim C. being responsible for this situation. It was refreshing to attend a very technical presentation (REST and SOAP services), and see a software developer speaking with the skills and passion of a professional speaker.

I would like to take this occasion to congratulate each speaker for all the hard work, and also to thank our management for granting us the opportunity to organize the AgileFest event.

See you at AgileFest 2013!

AgileFest Team

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