Cross country – on the 4th of November

1&1 and its partner in environmental activities (Viitor Plus) invited us to run at ChCrosul Paduriiildren’s Forest for a special cause (plant one tree for every new born).

Some of our colleagues accepted the challenge, and on Sunday morning they were ready to start running. We’ve had participants at the 3 km race, but most of them signed up for the 10 km race.

The atmosphere was great and the weather was on our side. My colleague Magda captured the entire event in a few beautiful words: “I did not think so many people would come on a Sunday morning to run and enjoy nature. It is like an oasis of normality …”.

Vlad was pleasantly surprised by the organization team, by the large number of participants, and the location event gave him the opportunity to explore the Tineretului Lake.

It was our first running for “Children’s Forest” and I want to say a big thank you to my colleagues for their participation, and hopefully next year, 1&1 will run again with the same enthusiastic people and maybe others will join us.

Thank you guys and see you next year, not only at a running event, but also for planting trees.

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