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Cross country – on the 4th of November

1&1 and its partner in environmental activities (Viitor Plus) invited us to run at ChCrosul Paduriiildren’s Forest for a special cause (plant one tree for every new born).

Some of our colleagues accepted the challenge, and on Sunday morning they were ready to start running. We’ve had participants at the 3 km race, but most of them signed up for the 10 km race.

The atmosphere was great and the weather was on our side. My colleague Magda captured the entire event in a few beautiful words: “I did not think so many people would come on a Sunday morning to run and enjoy nature. It is like an oasis of normality …”.

Vlad was pleasantly surprised by the organization team, by the large number of participants, and the location event gave him the opportunity to explore the Tineretului Lake.

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Tips for Efficient Meetings

In this article I’ll present some of the main elements in order to have efficient meetings.

In my career I’ve listened many times to people coming from or going to a meeting, and they were quite upset. The reasons varied, but generally they were all discontent “for having wasted one hour in vain”, or used to say “I shouldn’t have been there”, “what does he want now?”, “another monologue”, “I didn’t know how to get out of there sooner”, and so on…..

I could go on with the examples, but the first idea that gets to my mind is how such situations could be avoided. What would be the golden rules to avoid them?

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3 Days To Change Your Mindset

The tekom annual conference is the largest global event for technical communication. Organized in the pure German way (that means: perfectly), the conference is a best opportunity for specialists all over the world to get in touch with each other, learn from each other and define together new trends for the industry.

Last month 1&1 offered me the chance to attend this event. Since this was my first participation, I didn’t know what to expect. I was told the conference would be big, but I wasn’t able to imagine the dimensions of it, and the impact it would have.

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1&1 @ Mountain Biking

1&1 Mountain Biking TeamOctober 6th, 2012, 10:00 o’clock in the morning, great turmoil in the parking lot in front of the Police Academy Bucharest, hundreds of people and bikes, great weather…, but this might tell you nothing.

Let me put it in other words: on October 6th, 2012, Corporate Sports organized the first cross-country competition called MTB Corporate Sports 2012. The competition was open to all those who wished to compete on an easy forest track. In order to sign up for the competition, one had to be employed in a company or

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