How we can manage the (organizational or personal) ‘change’

Have you ever felt the desire to pilot a plane? To enjoy like a child the multitude of buttons and watch through the porthole? Perhaps the boys. Maybe some of the girls, too.

Some time ago, before I started to hold courses for people in the IT industry, I used to feel like that. I was thinking that this environment should somehow resemble an advanced cockpit, where you are pulled by the ears if you press the wrong button, while if you press the wrong lever…the plane goes into a tailspin, and crash is unavoidable. Certainly, imagination cannot replace technical knowledge, as long as we talk about a world where 1+1 is always two.  (I have not necessarily hinted at the company’s name 🙂 ).

My ”wish” came true this year, when I held several training sessions, usually in the communication area.  More recently, I have held the training course about the change management in front of you.

So, I assumed the role of the pilot and I realized that the IT mindset is really similar to the flight procedures and rules. At least apparently, the rigours associated to the technical way of thinking impose limitations. Limitations are meant to lead you to good results in an organized way, while the error possibility is eliminated. And they really produce results, don’t they?

To close the parable, I would say that, besides observing the pre-established rules, you can enjoy being a pilot by making a looping, performing acrobatics…, kind of putting a smile on your face. Let your creativity escape the rigour of the cokpit, get out of what you originally intended, and overcome your initial fears.

I think this is what happened during the two days we spent together. Although the subject had been set in advance, we creatively got rid of its “limitations“, and also performed a “rope dance” concerning other subjects, ideas, or even objections. Besides talking about what is and how we can manage the (organizational or personal) ‘change’, we approached various subjects such as listening, feedback, cycle performance, even sales …

I told you that I would like us to climb the thread of concepts until the point where curiosity finds its way to the surface and gets answers in discussions on the AchieveGlobal concepts. Either from books or from professional experience.

Perhaps, you will get this opportunity in the near future. The opportunity to prove to me once again that the IT people are very creative, open-minded and committed as soon as they understand the point of things that are happening in the course room and elsewhere. You may prove to me that the technical environment, no matter how rigorous it seems, is rather a guaranty that the bookkeeping seriousness  of the organized way of thinking is an evidence of “commitment” .

I hope to see you again, because you know the saying of the fairy-tale: “Since even mountain meets mountain, people meet people all the more”. And remember that if you want to change something for the better around us, the best would be to start with ourselves.

This article is written by Claudiu Ciortea, Sales Manager at achieveglobal Romania.

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