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My story is about what happened in the last two years, about the new colleagues, and about the new office spaces.

The day I was hired I had almost 80 colleagues. My first day here was also the day when the second floor was taken. Though it was not fully equipped, people were already occupying the new space. It was quite confusing.

In a few days everything had changed: thing calmed down and plans of taking another floor started to appear.

A couple of months later the third floor offered its space for us. It had to be arranged quickly, because new colleagues were coming every day.

The last year was the busiest: further three floors were taken, and the needs of arranging them differed. The teams were bigger and the ways of working also differed, so we faced the challenge of finding best solutions of space arrangements.

Right now, one of the floors gets a new face. Stay tuned to see what happens. 🙂

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