How to establish a FTP connection using Dreamweaver MX

The post below originally appeared on 1and1 US blog and was written by Micah Magruder.

The main method that our shared hosting customers use to connect to their web space is File Transfer Protocol (FTP).
Using a FTP client, you can connect to your 1&1 web space remotely to upload and download files.
You can use Adobe Dreamweaver MX, a website building software, to establish an FTP connection.

Before you get started, make sure you have the following:

* FTP address: This is the domain name with no http://www or ftp://. For example,
* FTP username: Can be found in your Control Panel under FTP Account.
* FTP password: Can be found in your Control Panel under FTP Account.

If you already have this information, continue on through the following steps.

1. Open Dreamweaver. Click Site and select Manage Sites.

2. Under Manage Sites click New and select FTP & RDS Server.

3. Enter the associated information in the boxes highlighted in green. Click OK.

4. Click Done. A connection will be made to the server if the data entered is correct.

If you want to directly connect to a folder then add the folder name under Host Directory field.

Simple as that. Questions? Post them here and we’ll answer as best we can.

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