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This article was written by Ciprian B, Andreea B and Andrei T.

One of the long term issues identified during our Strong Team workshop was the need of developing the automated testing competency in our team, so that my colleagues can implement their own test automation solutions in their projects. Based on my experience in this area of testing, I asked to be responsible for the topic.

Some of my colleagues had no experience in test automation so far; therefore I started with a few presentations on Selenium IDE and RC in order to show how test automation is done in our hosting projects, and what the tools are that we use. Following the presentations we identified a group of people eager to learn and use test automation in their daily business.

The next step was to organize a series of workshops where I presented them the Selenium WebDriver, showed them practical examples, and even assigned homework for the next workshop sessions. At the beginning, it was a challenging mission to find the right setup due to the fact that they had different experience with various test automation tools, but they were eager to learn new things, and that made my work easier, as it also created a pleasant environment to develop our skills.

Two of my colleagues have already started to develop automated tests for their projects, and this is what I consider the greatest achievement of the workshop so far.

In my opinion, this automation workshop was a good opportunity for me to improve my knowledge, and for my colleagues to start learning about automated testing. The above mentioned details helped the team evolve and become stronger and more skilled.

Some attendees at the workshop shared their feedback:

I attended the automation workshops mainly driven by curiosity, and I found out how functional testing can be simplified and improved. We started with basic record-and-play actions with Selenium IDE, and then we continued with specific methods, how to create test suites and how to run the tests on multiple browsers. I found these workshops very useful, and I started creating tests for DSSA project under Ciprian’s supervision and now automated tests were added in the sprint’s Definition of Done. This is a big step forward not to repeat regression tests in every sprint and replace a part of monotonous manual testing. Ciprian was patient while sharing his knowledge with us, we had homework to do, and we had a lot of ‘fun @ work.’ ” – Andreea B

Taking part at the automation workshop enlarged my horizon on new techniques for functional testing. I showed great interest in this topic since automation testing is the best way to increase the effectiveness and coverage of our daily software testing activities. The workshop was structured into weekly meetings where we became familiar with the approach, tools and knowledge needed to create our first tests. We started with some general, theoretical terms but in no time we faced the situation of fulfilling some tasks received by Ciprian. I think the idea to grow this skill within the team was a great success, and for sure the time spent will pay off in the future.” – Andrei T

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