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Luiza F. is studying at the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology within the Polytechnical University of Bucharest. During this summer she attended our internship programme for the internal marketing position, and she wrote the following article in order to summarize the interns’ experience with 1&1:

The summer vacation: a time to rest; a time when you recover after a long year of hard work. A time when you look behind and realize there is only one year left of university, and that real life is about to start. The end of the semester brought with it a lot of questions for the students who were going to work as interns at 1&1: Will I like it there? Will I fit in? Will they be pleased with my work?

On the first day of the internship my colleagues and I spent a couple of hours together and then we went our separate ways: each one in a different team, with their own responsibilities. I was going to learn about internal marketing, Andrei was assigned to the project management team, while Claudiu, Marian and Ciprian were going to work as Java Developers. Dana joined the QA team and Marius was going to spend the 3 months working within the Operations team.

We met our heads of departments and we rapidly became part of our teams. Claudiu for example confessed: “I am very happy with my teammates. If I have a doubt or get stuck while coding, the colleagues are always willing to help me.”

Although we were assigned to different departments, we met quite often for lunch. Thus, we were able to keep in touch and be constantly informed about what the others were learning, and about the challenges they were facing.

While our developers felt overwhelmed with the complicated code they had to deal with, Andrei and I attended meetings, and got to know a lot of people every day. Besides the marketing principles, I learned a lot about management and how an IT company really works. I had never imagined that so many people’s work is organized so well in order to achieve the final result, and in this matter Andrei agreed with me:The internship programme has lived up to my expectations so far. I learned about all the roles in the company and what it takes to produce great software. As an intern, I saw that everybody is willing to teach you and give you a chance to prove yourself. And the most important thing for me was to discover my passion for Project Management. I am now determined to work hard and build a career in this field.”

Everybody got accommodated after a short while, and they all seemed happy with the job and assigned tasks. “Quality assurance was a new subject for me when I came to 1&1, and I was pleasantly surprised to learn that ‘fighting’ bugs is a very interesting work, which is also indispensable in a software company.”(Dana)

Whether it was about Programming, Project Management, Marketing, Operations or Quality Assurance, we definitely proved our ambition and determination. We knew that we would only be here for 3 months, so we decided to make the best out of them. “Overall, the internship has been a big step forward, and the best learning experience I’ve had so far” said Andrei, and I agree with him.

Although for most of us this was our first job experience, I’m sure we all enjoyed working here, and as a matter of fact, some of us find it difficult to imagine ourselves working in some other company: “ “I’m glad that I had the chance to be a trainee here and I hope in the future i’ll be an employee”  ” (Marian)

To sum up, we learned about how an IT company works, and how team members helping each other is always better than struggling on your own when you can’t find the answers. Also, we found out how rewarding it is to get a “good job!” encouragement from time to time for the hard work you have done. But probably the most important thing that we got from this internship is that we found ourselves less confused about the future: “I consider myself lucky for having the opportunity to learn new and interesting things and to be part of the ‘blue team’. Also, because of this internship, I now have a clearer view on the future steps I want to take in my career.” (Marius)

“I am now convinced, more than ever, that I want to work as a software developer.” (Ciprian)

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