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In this blog post we interview our Product Management Trainee in the Mail & Media department. Tautvydas is Lithuanian; he is working in Romania as a trainee for a period of six months. He is sharing insights into the common struggles a traineeship abroad has. You’ll learn what to focus your efforts on and a few simple best practices.

How did it work? Did you choose Romania and 1&1 especially for the Trainee Program (or is it the other way around, 1&1 has chosen you)?

I was looking for an internship abroad through the AIESEC network (an international student organization), and found an interesting offer at 1&1 Development Romania. Thus, I applied for this position, then I had aninterview with Ionut S. and Silvia D. I got accepted and came to Bucharest :).

Was there a top of major concerns before starting the Internship Program in Romania? Or is that a well hidden secret? 🙂

Generally, I was looking for an interesting internship and an interesting company. I decided to come to 1&1 because the internship sounded interesting and I already knew the company from my stay in Germany. In addition, it was a great opportunity to go to Romania and see something new because I had never been to this region before. Before coming here I did not have any big concerns. I talked to some Romanian students I knew, and they answered my questions preparing me for the life in Bucharest.

At this moment what is your role within the team?

I am in the Calendar Development team (team leader Ionut Scarlat). My main responsibilities are to make market research about the existing products (Calendar applications), consumer needs etc., and provide this information to the product manager and the team. Besides, I join other teams (SmartDrive and Millionenclick) from time to time to test their applications.

Did your experience within 1&1 change your professional perspective and your career goals? What are your plans for the future?

First of all, I have to say that it is a great experience to work at in an IT company like 1&1 because I have the opportunity to see new technologies and products being developed. In general, it gives me a good overview of the IT business.

After the internship, I plan to go back to Lithuania and work there. Before coming here I was not considering to work for an IT company, but now I have to think again. 🙂

How is it like to work in a multicultural environment? You are a Lithuanian, who works in Romania for a German company…

It is a good feeling. It is challenging, but very interesting. I did my exchange in Germany, thus I had international experience before coming to Romania. But still the first weeks were challenging for me – new city, new people. However, the colleagues from my team were very helpful, thus, I adapted myself fast and relatively easy here.

How did you manage to learn / understand a situation in the local business environment?

The colleagues (especially Ionut Scarlat) explained me many things about the local business environment here and the situation in the IT business in Romania. However, I still discover new things each day.

Are there some best practices you can share with the future interns?

First of all, they should definitely come here and experience Romania and Bucharest. Secondly, as already mentioned, people at 1&1 are really friendly and ready to help, you just have to ask. Thus, you should not hide yourself, but go and talk to people, join the activities in the company, ask the people around about the tips for travelling or other activities in order not only to understand the company’s life and processes, but to experience the country and its culture.

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