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World IPv6 Launch Day – Current Status at 1&1

The World Is Different NowWe are glad to present you on today’s World IPv6 Launch Day an overview to the transfer of IPv4 to IPv6 within 1&1. A total amount of 200 services are completely available via IPv6. The users of Dual Hosting get the IPv6 available starting now.

The Dual-Hosting-Contracts ordered from now on are automatically reachable via IPv4 and IPV6. The 1&1 Blog, the Customer Forum and the Control Center are also reachable via IPv6.

If an application via IPv6 creates problems, and cannot be updated, then the customers can disconnect and reconnect to the own Domains IPv6 via Control Center. As the DNS entries for the Domains are temporarily stored in a distributed manner in Internet, it might take some hours until IPv6 is “really” disconnected and reconnected.

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1&1 Internet Romania Football Team: what happened during the last 6 months?

1&1 Football Team in GermanySome time ago I wrote about our football team. I ended that article in an optimistic manner, though the facts at that moment were not really supporting my point of view. That was obvious even for the others, and many of them smiled when reading my statements. But even if I presented the facts, I also talked about feelings, about potential, plans, and improvement. Now, half a year later, we can draw a line and see where we stand.

Last year, we lost all our seven matches in Derby Arena Tournament, ending on the last position in the group. This year, we took part again, and qualified from the group, with 3 wins, 3 ties, and one loss. In the following stage we

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