Project Management Days 2012

Project ManagemProject Management Days on April 19th & 20th were a great successent Days on April 19th & 20th 2012 were a great success. Hosted by Development Mail&Media, and Delivery Management Romania, the conference was attended by more than 60 colleagues from all corners of 1&1.

The participants were project and program managers, team leads, ScrumMasters, and other people interested in managing projects and development.

The presentations and panels were centered around two main topics:

1. Agile methodologies and their use
2. Leadership as a main success factor for projects

“Now I understand why a vision is so important for project success.”

The first day’s pProject Management Days were a great successresentations covered a wide range of ideas:

  • Task boards
  • Leadership Principles for Project Success
  • Agile for Dummies
  • Risk Management

“The open space conference was very agile.”

The second day’s agenda was dedicated to the hot topics of project management. In a first step all guests agreed on 12 panels covering a wide range of topics. In the main part of the open space were held the sessions hosted by a facilitator, who presented the topic, and moderated the discussions. Each participant was able to join the session he liked, and bring his contribution. In the wrap-up meeting each moderator shared the results with all participants.

“Those 40 minutes on Kanban were most helpful for me.”

Working in small groups proved very successful, as everybody was able to share views & experience. Here are some of the questions raised and discussed:

  • Can Scrum provide a reliable schedule?
  • Can agile & non-agile teams coordinate?
  • How to get new project managers started within 1&1?
  • Is motivation a myth?
  • I want to start being agile. Where do I start?
  • What learning opportunities does 1&1 offer to project managers?

Several of the panels didn’t close in time, as people got carried away in the interesting discussions.

“Can we get more of that?”

…was the statement that we heard most often. And yes, we are thinking to continue the experience.

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