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How volunteering at Europa League got me the opportunity to see what lies behind such a big football match

On Wednesday, the 9th of May, I had the chance to help as a volunteer the organization of Europa League final, here in Bucharest.

It was a special event for me because I had the opportunity to see what lies behind such a big football match, to be near some great personalities, who had a great influence in the history of football, like Pierluigi Collina (former referee, now Head of UEFA referees), Michel Platini (president of UEFA), Miodrag Belodedici (ambassador of Europa League final). Last but not least, I felt the atmosphere on the stadium from the organizer perspective, not from the perspective of a simple

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Project Management Days 2012

Project ManagemProject Management Days on April 19th & 20th were a great successent Days on April 19th & 20th 2012 were a great success. Hosted by Development Mail&Media, and Delivery Management Romania, the conference was attended by more than 60 colleagues from all corners of 1&1.

The participants were project and program managers, team leads, ScrumMasters, and other people interested in managing projects and development.

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LinuxCon Europe – Day 2 (Part 3 of 4)

Providing High Performance

The second half of the second day at LinuxCon continued with a keynote by a panel moderated by Nils Brauckman, President and General Manager of SUSE, with the participation of representatives from some of Suse’s enterprise customers, especially Andreas Poeschl from BMW, Dr. Udo Seidel from Amadeus Data Processing GmbH, and Ludek Safar, Senior Advisor for the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic. Topics covered the experience that the above mentioned companies had related to the use of Linux, and how it influenced their respective businesses.

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