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Presentation Skills Club @1and1What we are trying to achieve within the Presentation Skills Club, is to remove the pressure many of us feel when preparing lengthy presentations, and focus more on enhancing the presentation skills toolbox itself.

There we are – three sessions successfully done, and eagerly looking for more :). Ethos, Logos, Pathos – we had them all, and it was absolutely great!

And so, we had Anca S. enchanting our minds when she spoke about some isolated locations deeply hidden in the Carpathians Mountains; then, we had Adrian F. doing a very interesting presentation about meetings management, and we were all ears to the very end of the presentation.

As we were gathering momentum, Laurentiu B. came with a subject that crowded the Qooxdoo meeting room: “How to take better pictures using the rule of thirds”.

Though I risk repeating myself, I’ll say it once more: they caught the wave, and they rode it big time!

Coming back to the presentation skills area, I confess that every presentation was a great occasion for me to learn something new in this ever challenging field:

–          Adrian showed us how to open up, using an ice breaker exercise,

–          Laurentiu gave a full presentation in English,

–          I was reminded not to clutter the message of a presentation with adjacent information (something that I tend to do every now and then :D).

And I could tell you tens of little tricks that I learned on those occasions.

We all know the saying: what does not evolve stops progressing, and eventually dies, so, we come up with an idea regarding the next step of this initiative, which we’re now proudly presenting you:

The next level: FreeStyle

Anybody can speak freely for five minutes about a subject randomly chosen, as taken out from a hat. This is Free Style. This way, the speaker can end up by talking about Madonna, the favorite dish, a restaurant menu, or any other topic.

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