1&1 Internet AG receives the Document Freedom Award 2012

Currently, there are a lot of discussions, from Acta to SOPA, about the copyright and freedom on the Internet within politics, media and on the blogs. In the end, the access to software decides who can become part of the digital society. The Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) pleads for the promotion of free software and the availability of open internet standards. It is four years since the organization together with the Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure (FFII) has been awarding the Document Freedom Award for making the open standards available in the network. Among the previous winners were Tagesschau.de and the Foreign Office (Auswärtige Amt). This year the award goes for the first time to a company, 1&1 Internet AG together with its brands 1&1, WEB.DE and GMX. On the occasion of the Document Freedom Days 2012 1&1 Internet AG is awarded for the automatic availability of the open Chat Protocol XMPP – also known as Jabber – for all its e-mail users.

Each e-mail address at 1&1, WEB.DE and GMX can also be used for chatting. For example, this is possible directly in the online chat within the e-mail box or even with the MultiMessenger, an optional software that is offered free of charge. Regardless of the software used, it is possible to chat with users of other providers, too (including Google Talk), without needing an account there. “This is an important contribution to interoperability and freedom on the Internet”, motivates Matthias Kirschner, FSFE coordinator for Germany, the decision on awarding the prize to 1&1.

Peter Saint-Andre, Manager of the XMPP Foundation, underlines that this is not obvious: “Unlike closed services, such as Facebook and Skype, 1&1 created an open connectivity with the rest of the Jabber/XMPP networks many years ago. They deserve credit for supporting the truly free communication by using the Internet standards.”

At the award ceremony, yesterday afternoon in Karlsruhe, Jan Oetjen, 1&1 Manager Portals, received the prize in person. “We are very glad about this prize. It reinforces our decision to use the open standard XMPP for the online chat in the 1&1, WEB.DE and GMX mailboxes. This offers our customers a barrier-free communication on the Internet when chatting”, said Oetjen as he received the award and the specially designed cake.

Stephan Uhlmann, member of the FFII board, adds: “companies like 1&1 Internet AG inspire us not only because they build their business on open standards such as e-mail and www, but also because they make sure that these services are kept interoperable and do not bet on lock-in effects in order to gain customers.”

1&1 is using open standards also in other domains. For example, most of the approximately 70.000 servers in the 1&1 data centers run using Linux, a free operating system.

Please visit FSFE for more impressions from the award ceremony.

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