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I like to run until exhaustion. Chasing a ball, recovering it, passing, occasionally scoring. I like the after-sensation, when the endorphins start kicking in, when even my tongue is heavy for a short time. Unfortunately for me, this exhaustion moment comes much sooner than I would like; but this will improve. I don’t know exactly what drives the others, but we are the 1&1 football team. We love football, and we will not settle for less, because we know we can do much more.
One of the first things I did after I joined the company was to ask when and where the weekly football training was held. Soon after, I had the opportunity to be in the team that took part in the tournament in Karlsruhe. The expectations were high, considering the last year’s result, but things did not go as planned. And our attempt to fix some of the identified problems ended in our participation in the Derby Arena tournament.
I was elected captain, but proud as I felt about it, it did not help me to make a difference, nor prevent us from losing all seven matches. We take full responsibility for that, but sometimes we joke about it, saying that “seven” stands for the number of our scored goals, some of them against the top ranked teams. 🙂 Obviously, many things didn’t go well, but I think our play got better with each game, even if this was not reflected in the final score. I know a match looks different when watched from outside the pitch, and I would like to thank our fans once more, as they came to support us even on rainy weather.
So, what’s next? A group is not necessarily a team, but after the final whistle of our last match we realized we were slowly and steadily becoming one. There are still many things to improve, but we know we are heading in the right direction. There’s a lot of work ahead, but the results will follow.

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