Working for 1&1 is a challenging experience

I’m part of the 1&1 Romania team since March 2009. Being my first job since graduating the university, everyday here has been a challenging experience. As a HR Specialist, I’ve been involved in recruiting different types of positions from developers, search engine marketers, project managers and team leaders to quality assurance engineers, business intelligence and so on.

Since 1&1 Romania is expanding very fast, working as a recruiter is really challenging in terms of quantity – hiring 10 new employees a month is not such an easy job – and of quality – finding people very hard-core and with unique profiles. A difficult mission like this has also rewarding results: every new employee that joins 1&1 makes me feel like my work really matters … and when my superior recognized my efforts and named me an outstanding performer I was really happy.

Simona, HR Specialist

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