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The playing space consists of 2 rooms located at the highest point of the 1&1 building, with a nice view to the surrounding lake, park and residential neighborhood. One room is reserved for table tennis and the other for table football and darts. The latter represents the main attraction, having its walls painted in the Super Mario theme by our colleague Thea. We asked her for a few words about her experience on the “project”:

The idea of redecorating and modifying the games room came as an aggregated effort of an ad-hoc assembled “Redecoration team”, formed of a few people from different teams.  When I was asked if I would like to help, I immediately thought I would probably have a great time doing such an interesting “in-house” project.  The hardest part was actually deciding which of the many ideas we had we were going to settle for, but it was also a nice aspect, since it allowed each of the ones taking part in the brainstorming session to express some of the things he or she were really keen on having there, so this was a very nice insight into the colleagues’ memories, experiences, and why not, personalities.

In the end, we settled on the current theme because almost all of us tended to propose videogames and, as for SuperMario, we agreed it was something we grew up with. Even though our list comprised bigger names such as StarCraft, WarCraft, Assassin’s Creed, AvP and so on, the one thing that we all smiled at was the memory of the times when we were young and we had our first contact with simple quest games, when resources were low, LAN parties were a dream and SuperMario was king. In the making of, I had a lot of fun, so much so that I even stayed the whole night once just to finish some part.  In the end I think the whole idea was appreciated by all the users of the games room, because it stands out among all the other rooms as the one non-corporate place where you can play, laugh, forget about the hardships and responsibilities of the adult life for a few moments, enjoy a passionate table soccer game and feel like a child again.  Level up!

The recreation space gives you a pleasant way of spending good quality time with the colleagues, without necessarily having to discuss about work. This means a non-formal way of socializing and getting to know other colleagues from other teams, people you might share the same hobbies with. Most probably you will meet colleagues you don’t usually interact with in your normal day-to-day activities. The playing space also gives you a good opportunity to do some light physical exercise, which is a nice break from sitting at a desk in front of the computer. Usually, the short time spent playing table tennis, table football or a game of darts is enough to relax, recharge your batteries and make the working day more pleasant.

The games room is one of the most popular rooms in the company and, at the same time, among the ones that get most frequently renovated.

This article was written by Octav, Sabin and Thea

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