Fotbalclub 1and1 Bucharest at the Football Tournament in Karlsruhe

FotbalClub 1and1 BucharestFotbalclub 1and1 Bucharest at the Football Tournament in Karlsruhe

Before eulogizing the present let’s look a bit into the history…

In 2004, when the company was created in Bucharest (Schlund + Partner at that time) it had the chance to send a football team to the Football Tournament in Karlsruhe (held for the entire 1&1 Group as part of the Summerfest). At that time, the team was made up of anyone who could run and the results were not too good.

After the team returned, they took the wise decision of starting training. I would say this is the point our story starts. The Tuesday night football trainings from Tineretului Park last until nowadays.

After a 5 years break, this year 1&1 Bucharest had the opportunity to participate again in the Football Tournament.

Because there were more attendees then places in the team we used the Tuesday training presence table as an election criteria. This proved to be a good decision, as the team got the best players it could have at that time.

The team’s components being decided we chose the captain (in the person now writing this article; being captain you also have off field duties) and started the strategic meetings for choosing the roles on the field, substituting policy and so on.

The good results obtained at the last trainings made us look confidently to the competition. One last tactical meeting was needed for deciding on travel dates and the color of the equipment. Although blue would have been the obvious choice, we agreed we should choose red. We made this choice because, on one hand, we expected most of the teams to use blue and, on the other hand, besides being the official color of the Romanian national soccer team, red is also the official color of United Internet (the holding 1&1 belongs to).

The 1&1 RO Equipment The 1&1 RO Team

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  1. September 15, 2011 at 15:47 | by Andrei P

    In the near future, 1&1 Ro must win the trophy 🙂