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Million dollars from usability testing

“The average business metrics improvement after usability redesign is 83%” – Jakob Nielsen

Simply put, usability testing is about understanding what people do when they are using your product or, if you are web developer, your website. It’s well known that for web developers, usability testing is the last and the least attractive task. But, not doing it, could considerably take down the potential of your online business, as you can read in the short stories below.

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Linux Control Groups

Abstract: Management of computer resources (i.e processes/tasks) can become an interesting topic because it presents the user an opportunity hard to ignore.

This area, which is handled by low level threads: scheduling processes, how much CPU time is allotted to a particular task, ability to freeze the task, manipulating the network stack throughput, how much memory can a process allocate or disk IO management, is now available under a hierarchical arrangement called control groups or cgroups as I will relate to them from now on.

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Fotbalclub 1and1 Bucharest at the Football Tournament in Karlsruhe

FotbalClub 1and1 BucharestFotbalclub 1and1 Bucharest at the Football Tournament in Karlsruhe

Before eulogizing the present let’s look a bit into the history…

In 2004, when the company was created in Bucharest (Schlund + Partner at that time) it had the chance to send a football team to the Football Tournament in Karlsruhe (held for the entire 1&1 Group as part of the Summerfest). At that time, the team was made up of anyone who could run and the results were not too good.

After the team returned, they took the wise decision of starting training. I would say this is the point our story starts. The Tuesday night football trainings from Tineretului Park last until nowadays.

After a 5 years break, this year 1&1 Bucharest had the opportunity to participate again in the Football Tournament.

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Welcome to the 1and1 blog

LogoAs the leading European internet specialist, 1&1 Internet is well positioned with strong brands in fast-growing business segments drawing on over 15 years’ experience in the online business.
Our vision is to supply private and commercial users with market-oriented information and entertainment products, as well as cloud applications, from our “Internet Factories” via increasingly powerful broadband connections .
The 1&1 Internet Research and Development Center in Bucharest is pivotal in order to support our world-wide activities and our international growth with our skilled, passionate, fast learning and open-minded specialists.
Welcome to our new 1&1 Internet Romania blog, where we would like to share and discuss with all our stakeholders topics related to our activity!

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